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  • Mariam Khayata

PVS students participate in hajj simulation

Pleasant View School’s annual hajj simulation took place on Wednesday where the entire student body and the school administration had the opportunity to simulate the steps of hajj which were simultaneously taking place in Mecca, Saudi Arabia.

Middle and high school students were paired up with younger students from grades pre-kindergarten to fifth grade to guide and assist them with the steps of hajj.

“I loved taking my little students around, making tawaf, and running around safa and marwa with them,” said Osman Celikok, a senior in high school. “It truly made me pray that I can get to experience this in the actual hajj one day, InshaAllah.”

From visiting Mina to making tawaf to praying and supplicating on mount Arafat, PVS students were able to receive an accurate representation of the full hajj experience.

In addition to the students, the administration found this experience to be very successful and smooth.

“The Hajj Simulation helps us build camaraderie among our student body while rooting that camaraderie and fellowship in our students' Islamic identity,” said PVS principal Muhammad Malley.

Due to its esteem and exciting attributes, many PVS students are eagerly looking forward to next year’s hajj simulation.

*correction of location by Hira Qureshi

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