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  • Hira Qureshi

PVS hosts parents for its second orientation

Teachers and department heads hosted parents for the middle school and high school orientation in the Pleasant View School gym on August 19 where parents and teachers asked and answered questions on this year's agenda.

Each faculty member discussed the standards and expectations of their class or subject.

About 150 parents attended the orientation asking questions on different policies and

"We talked about new teachers, that is very exciting, all of 'em are new from top to bottom," said Robert Schuller, one of PVS's English teacher. "And that we're shifting to a more modern way of doing our English program that instead of just bringing back literature that we're driven by getting ready, being AP ready, being ready for ACT."

Schuller was one of the faculty members present, others included head of the Arabic department Issa Bldiar, head of the Science department Farhana Chowdhury, Math teacher Rosli Othman, Islamic Studies teacher Samar Al-majaideh, head of the Social Studies department A. Clarke and college advisor Jennifer Cartwright Alejo.

"There was enough interaction between us and the parents," said Bldiar. "It was really helpful, the first hand answers from the teachers and having all the teachers at the same time in the one location to answer all the questions that was an advantage."

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