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  • Hira Qureshi

PVS student attends the 2017 Intel International Science and Engineering Fair

Pleasant View School student attended the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair in the summer at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California where he presented his work and connected with international students and professionals.

Intel ISEF is an annual competition for 1800 high school students from 80 countries and all 50 states. The competition is the world’s largest pre-college science fair that gives competing students the opportunity to present their independent research and win $4 million in prizes.

Osman Celikok, a senior at PVS, was one out of five in Tennessee to attend the competition. Celikok started an internship at the University of Memphis with Bashir Morshed in the electrical engineering department which led to his win at the Shelby County science fair which led him to Intel ISEF.

Celikok presented his idea of an accessible electrocardiogram for third-world country doctors.

“So my goal was to take that machine (electrocardiogram) keep it clinically accurate because if its not accurate it’s completely worthless and make it useful for doctors in like places like Syria and like Nigeria and places like that,” Celikok said. “Because there’s no device out there like that in the market or used by doctors without borders that is able to be used on the field.”

Competitors were treated to a $450,000 funded week-long competition with the Staples Center and Universal Studios completely rented out for them.

Celikok also met various Noble Peace Prize winners and people from the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

Universities like MIT, Harvard and California Institute of Technology were there as well, recruiting students for each school. Celikok plans to attend a technical school and study biomedical engineering.

“The experience is really amazing because you get to be around so many people that are like interested in like similar things,” Celikok said. “I got meet people from all around the world and it really opened my horizons to how like amazing and how bright the future is in science and mathematics, and there’s like so many different fields that I did not know even existed.”

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