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  • Hira Qureshi

Back to school with PVS’s first orientation and open house

Pleasant View School is back in session with its elementary school orientation and open house on August 9 in the PVS gym and classrooms parents were welcomed to the new year with information and food.

Elementary school teachers hosted parents to an orientation in the PVS gym where Principal Mohammed Malley gave a powerpoint presentation on this year’s curriculum.

After orientation, teachers lead the parents to their designated classrooms where teachers also gave welcome packets that describe each class does during the year. Teachers also presented small powerpoint presentations with more information while they answered questions that parents brought up.

The orientation and open house is meant for the parents as Natalie Bradley, a kindergarten teacher said.

“And students, they don't normally come unless they haven't been here. So sometimes they'll come with their parents at night, and parents will bring in supplies,” Bradley said.

The elementary school has 14 teachers total and according to Samar Al-majaideh, director of Islamic development and community relations, about 50 to 60 parents came with family. Al-majaideh said that a lot of new parents came and some families with siblings already attending.

“It was cool,” said Al-majaideh. “It was good to see lots of new parents that came. It’s nice the more we invite parents the better.”

The next orientation and open house will be August 19 for the middle and high school parents.

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