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  • Hira Qureshi

PVS students attend National History Day

Students attend National History Day.

Photo by Manal Shala

Pleasant View students attended the week-long National History Day at the University of Maryland.

The event was from June 11 to June 15. Alhusain Hadidi, Ibtihal Malley, Muadth Malley, Naisha Chowdhury, Manal Shala and Farah Abbad all attended.

Competitions were held in different buildings throughout campus.

The event consisted of five categories: papers, websites, performances, documentaries and exhibits with the theme "Taking a Stand in History."

Students complete their projects in school and judges from University of Memphis pick which projects go to the U of M for the regional competitions.

Those who win at U of M move on to the statewide competition in Nashville, and those win in Nashville move on to the nationwide competition in Maryland.

PVS students made it to Nationals but were unable to win with 3000 students competing against them.

"National History Day was an amazing experience," said Hadidi. "Over 3000 students came and competed, so it was very hard to advance and win. Even though I didn't get any awards, this experience was one that I will remember forever. Plus, it'll look good on my college application."

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