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  • Mariam Khayata

FIBA lifts ban on headscarf due to PVS athletic director

After three consecutive years of continuous fighting, the International Basketball Federation (FIBA) has lifted the ban on headscarves, allowing all Muslim covered women the opportunity to play professionally with their hijab.

Bilqis Abdul Qaadir, Pleasant View School’s athletic director and the leading scorer in Massachusetts women's basketball, has played a vital role in the ban’s removal.

From being a part of a documentary to meeting with officials, Abdul Qaadir has worked effortlessly to shatter the ceiling and remove the ban which not only affected Muslims but also Sikhs and many others.

Her efforts and dedication do not go unnoticed as she has made history, giving Muslim women the ability to play with the hijab.

“All glory goes to Allah," said Abdul Qaadir in a response to the ban removal on Facebook. "The glass ceiling has been shattered, and now the sky is the limit. Witnessing history is one thing, but being a part of it is another. ... My story is no different or greater than the next ... anyone can have faith in God and anyone can choose their OWN narrative.”

As the 2016-2017 school year concludes, PVS bids the beloved athletic director goodbye as she will return to her home state Massachusetts.

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