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  • Zari Muhammad

Student wins Griz tickets at First Tennessee Financial Literacy Contest

A Pleasant View School 11-grade-student wins at the First Tennessee Financial Literacy Contest against applicants from the sixth to 12th grade.

Alhusain Hadidi wrote an essay about financial needs versus financial wants and how to budget for both.

In his essay, “The Zenlike Balance of the Budget," Hadidi discusses the severity of a budget and its importance in modern day society.

"I never would've thought that such an amazing opportunity would be at the grasp of my hands," Hadidi said. "I had an impeccably convivial time and feel grateful for my teacher for telling me about this contest. I look forward to participating in the event next year."

Hadidi received $100, three Grizzlies tickets with one suite and two club seats and a financial literacy book.

Along with his Griz tickets, Hadidi also received a certificate commemorating his accomplishment.

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