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  • Alhusain Hadidi

PVS students lead Friday Khutbahs

Pleasant View School engages its students in Islamic communication with the Friday Khutbas lead by students from time to time.

Two years ago, some students were given the opportunity to give khutbas at PVS. Due to positive feedback from faculty and students, the Islamic Studies Department decided to continue it.

“Having experience in giving Khutbahs will enhance them (the students) and provide them with the skills needed to lead the Muslim community in the future,” said Mohammed Malley, the principal of the school. “We’ve been having Pleasant View School students who’ve been asked to give Khutbahs in various masajid.

Imam Hamzah Abdul-Malik prepares students for the process. He teachers them the rules of giving Khutbahs, and then gives them tips on how to improve them.

“I gave a practice speech at hajj fair and Imam Hamzah asked me, would you want to do a Khutba, and I said yeah, sure," said Osman Celikok, an 11-grade student who frequently gives Khutbas.

Imam Hamzah gave Celikok tips on how to give good khutbahs including starting the Khutbahs with a loud voice, trying not to lean on one leg, the fact that people don’t realize your mistakes unless you let them realize it, trying to make it a story and imagining yourself having a normal conversation.

“Our mission is to equip our students to be leaders and this can begin by teaching them how to give Khutbas," Malley said.

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