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  • Mariam Khayata

PVS student attends 'Citizen University Youth Collaboratory'

One of Pleasant View School’s students was chosen out of hundreds of students in the nation to attend the "Citizen University Youth Collaboratory" in Seattle, Washington in February.

Zari Muhammad, a junior at PVS, travelled with 24 other students to the civic engagement and learned to strive for change.

The "Collaboratory" gave Muhammad the opportunity to listen and network with influential founders and activists, inspiring her to put her knowledge to use and bring a club of her interest to PVS.

Pleasant View’s "SAVE" or "Students Against Violence Everywhere" chapter is in the process of development and will become an official extracurricular club in the 2018-2019 school year.

Muhammad hopes to see many PVS students applying for this program next year. She believes that the more active students become the more positive change will come to this world.

“This experience was life changing," said Muhammad. "Those who I have met have all inspired me to strive for change in this country and to never settle for anything less than what I believe is right. Being apart of this program has taught me that I cannot simply wait for change to occur but must start it myself."

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