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Sip by Generation: Brewing Memories at the Mother-Daughter Tea Affair

Aisha Duldul

Themed as a mother-daughter event, PVS sophomore Hawa Osman’s initiative,  the Chai Party, held on Friday, January 27th, at the Memphis Islamic Center, has left a lasting impact on the community. The monthly gatherings, originally conceived to fill a void for young girls, have evolved into a cherished tradition fostering sisterhood and intergenerational understanding.

Osman recognized the lack of programs catering specifically to girls in the Muslim community. Fueled by a desire to create a space for girls to connect, learn, and have fun, she, along with Sheikh Mohammed Faqih, took the reins and established the Chai Parties. The events have become a vital platform for young girls to develop a sense of community and support.

The latest Chai Party, themed around the unique dynamic between mothers and daughters, aimed to bridge the communication gap prevalent in many households. Osman explained, "The specific event this month was a mother-daughter gathering where the mothers chose from the menu, and daughters took on the role of serving them food, dessert, and a cup of chai." This intentional act of service served as a reminder to both mothers and daughters of the Islamic obligation to respect parents.

Once settled into the warm and inviting atmosphere, Sheikh Faqih facilitated an open discussion within the gathering. Attendees were given the opportunity to introduce themselves, ask questions, and share personal stories and perspectives in a safe and supportive environment. Drawing inspiration from the Prophet's time, Sheikh Faqih also shared narratives of mother-daughter relationships, enriching the gathering with historical context and wisdom.

The impact of the Chai Party was evident in the feedback from attendees. Ramlah Rahman, a high school senior, expressed, "The event was very informative. It allowed us to get closer to our mothers, especially when we served them food. It felt as though we were able to give back to them, even if it was just a little, for all they did during our lives." The sense of gratitude and connection cultivated during the event underlines the success of Osman's vision.

With each Chai Party, the sense of sisterhood among the girls in the community continues to grow. Osman's initiative has not only filled a void but has also created a lasting network of support for young ladies. The Chai Parties stand as a testament to the power of community-driven initiatives and the positive impact they can have on fostering understanding, respect, and sisterhood. As these gatherings become a staple in the community, the Chai Parties serve as a beacon of unity and empowerment for the girls who participate.

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