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Seniors on Navigating College Applications and their Final School Year

Rawaha Iqbal

With the start of the second school semester, PVS seniors continue the college application process, now awaiting acceptance letters and scholarship offers. Many seniors have applied early to colleges with either early decision, an application where students commit to a college in a smaller but competitive pool of applicants, or early action, a nonbinding application where students can either immediately commit to a college or wait until spring to decide. Acceptance letters for these early applications are usually sent out in December. The second  type of application–regular decision–is more common for students looking to apply to many colleges as students have additional time to perfect their applications. These applications are due early in January to the middle of February, with admission decisions coming out in March or April. As these deadlines quickly approach, seniors finalize their applications.

While many factors affect which college students apply to, location and affordability are most important. For this reason, most seniors applied to colleges in Memphis, such as Rhodes and the University of Memphis. Career choices are also crucial in college decisions, and it is important to choose colleges that support and align with your academic goals. Along with these considerations during the application process, time management is very crucial. Student Sawsan Alhazaz ‘24, when asked how she managed school work along with her application, said, ”At the beginning, it was hard, then I slowly started organizing my time and working on my applications mostly on the weekends.”

Being halfway through their senior year, students have mixed emotions ranging from nostalgia to excitement for the future. Senior Ramlah Rahman ‘24 voiced her surprise at how fast the time went, saying, “It still doesn't seem real that we're about to graduate in 4 months.” Others expressed reluctance of leaving a school they grew up in, but also eagerness for what is to come. With the majority of the application process complete, seniors are getting ready to move on to the next stage of their life.

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