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PVS Enjoys “Winter Break Part Two” After 4-inch Snow

Sumaiya Zaman

Students anticipated a four-day weekend after snow was seen in the forecast for Tuesday, January 16th, right after MLK Day. However, no one expected that the inclement weather would lead to not just one day at home, but an entire week away from school. Although classes were still online, students enjoyed the time at home as they could relax and stay safe from the cold while remaining caught up on schoolwork. School remained virtual through Monday of the next week, and students returned to school on Tuesday the 23rd.

While snow days themselves are unanimously loved, students and  teachers alike have mixed feelings about virtual school. Some teachers prefer to only post assignments and spend their time off with their families, and others hold live sessions for the benefit of their students. Students, unsurprisingly, enjoy the free time that comes with a snow day and spent their week outdoors, as seen on the official PVS Instagram page. “I was able to make snowmen and have snowball fights with my brother. I enjoyed it because I got to spend more time with my family and friends,” says one student.

No matter your opinion on online classes, one thing that can be agreed on is that snow days are fun for everyone. We’re excited for the upcoming warmer days, but the winter scenery will certainly be missed.

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