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Navigating College Life: Seniors Take Charge with New Advisory Class

Minha Alam

As the college application process winds down for seniors at [School Name], many find themselves with a newfound freedom in their advisory class. With applications submitted and awaiting decisions, students have taken the initiative to repurpose this time for something equally valuable: preparing for the next chapter of their lives. Recognizing the need for guidance beyond test prep, seniors have spearheaded a new initiative aimed at equipping themselves with the tools necessary to thrive in college. With a large alumni network, the seniors recognized an opportunity to receive knowledge about college life. 

The first session, led by Zahra Chowdhury ‘22 and Yusuf Mannan ‘22, focused on the complexities of adjusting to social life, especially for students moving out of state for college. Drawing on their own and alumni experiences, they provided practical tips for navigating unfamiliar situations, establishing friends, and finding one's place in a varied community. The session provided an opportunity for seniors to ask questions, express concerns, and learn from others who have already gone to college.

The second session on January 26 focused primarily on the Memphis college experience. Led by Naisha Chowdhury ‘22, Manal Shala ‘22, Ayah Altabbaa ‘23, and Ziad Gnedy ‘23, the session offered a localized perspective on the problems and opportunities that await students in the city. Seniors learned a lot about what to expect in college locally and tips for fitting into the vibrant Memphis community.

With future sessions planned to cover a range of topics, from academic strategies to career exploration, the advisory class has evolved into a dynamic forum for learning and growth. Through open dialogue, shared experiences, and a spirit of collaboration, seniors are setting themselves up for success in college and beyond. As they say, knowledge is power, and with the collective wisdom of their peers and alumni, the seniors of PVS are well-equipped to thrive in the exciting journey ahead.

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