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Feed the City: Nourishing Communities

Fayo Bushra

On Saturday, January 13, PVS students attended 901 Ummah’s monthly Feed the City gathering. During this event, the organization's primary goal of providing warm and nutritious home-cooked meals to the homeless took center stage. Currently, the initiative manages to fulfill this mission once a month, with ambitious plans to double their impact to twice a month in the future, Insha'Allah .

The heart of their operations lies within the kitchen of the Hospitality HUB, a women's shelter. Here, they prioritize serving meals to the women at the HUB before packaging the remaining portions for distribution at Morris Park. This strategic approach ensures that their efforts are not only impactful but also empathetic to the immediate needs of the community.

At its core, Feed the City thrives on the dedication of independent volunteers, symbolizing the strength of community-driven action. Their collective aim is to make a substantial and positive difference in the lives of those experiencing homelessness. Through these monthly gatherings, 901 Ummah's Feed the City initiative continues to showcase the profound impact that is achievable through collective unity and compassionate outreach.

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