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Deadline Closing! Scholarship and Summer Programs due January

Sumaya Sultan-Ali

Students furiously typing on their keyboards, sending emails asking for recommendations. Fingers stall as they stare at the prompt. January is the season of applications, both for summer internships and for scholarships.

Juniors, in particular, are eager to make this summer stand out. They recognize that this is their last opportunity to impress the colleges they will apply to next year. 

Popular options for summer internships this year include the St. Jude Research Immersion Program, Governor’s School,the Memphis Bar Association Internship, and Christian Brother University’s Packaging Summer Research Program. Week-long opportunities with the University of Memphis and shadowing events like Le Bonheur’s Summer VolunTEEN Program and Regional One Teenteer Program are also sought after. This is because all of these internships are in or near Memphis,range from cheap to free and enhance college applications. Students gravitate towards summer programs where they are assigned tasks that last more than a few days.

The reason behind the early deadlines is the same reason these applications require essays, letters of recommendation and score reports: they aim to narrow down their pool of applicants to find the best students possible for their program.Popularity also plays a role in early deadlines. Widely recognized programs like The Memphis Bar Association, the St. Jude Immersion Program, and the University of Tennessee's Governor's Program are seen by Memphis teens as the unique gateways into research and law internships. However, as with colleges,selectivity increases the value of the program in students' eyes. Echoing this, junior Suha Farouk said,

“I theorize that competition indicates that it is a better program.”

Some applicants even appreciated the application requirements. According to junior Fayo Bushra, “The questions made me think of things I hadn’t thought of before.”

Applications like University of Tennessee’s Governor's Schools and St. Jude Research Immersion Program all require references. Many students choose Ms. Jennifer Cartwright-Alejo, the PVS college counselor, as their reference due to her experience with writing recommendations. Applications were a test of time management for students this month, as they needed to send requests for a recommendation letter and essays for revision a week before the deadline.

Notable scholarships also closed this month, including the Taco Bell Scholarship and the Coolidge Scholarship.

Students eagerly await response from their summer internships and scholarships in the coming months.

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