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College Spotlight: Washington University In St. Louis

Ashar Siddiqui

Washington University in St Louis (WashU) is a liberal arts institution located in St Louis, Missouri. Many PVS students have become familiarized with the school through their annual visits to our school. Washington University, commonly known as WashU, was founded on February 22, 1853, due to a concern of a lack of higher education institutions in Midwest America when many began to settle in the area. 

Since then, WashU has become distinguished as a top school worldwide and is competitive with Ivy league schools amongst rankings. WashU has also become known for its incredible campus, beautiful dorm rooms, subject variety, diversity, and for its fantastic need-based financial aid packages. WashU is further known for its contribution to the city of St. Louis as a whole, with many of their students finding careers within the city or volunteering for local organizations. 

WashU carries very competitive acceptance rates and boasts a rigorous yet beneficial academic experience. Whether pursuing degrees in the arts, sciences, business, or engineering, students at WashU benefit from a robust curriculum that integrates theory with practical application. The university's commitment to interdisciplinary studies allows students to explore connections between different fields, encouraging a well-rounded approach to education. 

WashU also offers numerous opportunities for research and experiential learning, providing students with the chance to contribute to groundbreaking discoveries and projects. The university's academic excellence is further represented by their commitment to fostering a global perspective, preparing students to navigate the complexities of a rapidly evolving world whilst also encouraging them to look towards local issues, creating a balanced horizon for their students. 

WashU boasts a campus size of 355 acres with a total of 15,154 graduate and undergraduate students, making the school well suited for those who enjoy larger universities. Despite the population of students being incredibly high, class sizes range from one to 24 students. This, in the words of university faculty, helps “students learn more through stimulating discussion.”.The school has a  student-to-faculty ratio of 7:1, an incredibly low ratio when compared to other schools with similar student populations resulting in students having greater access to their professors and faculty members.

WashU commonly advocates that they meet 100% of demonstrated need. This results in them having some of the best packages for students who struggle to afford college, and provides a notion that WashU . WashU's goal is to create a diverse and inclusive community by making education accessible to students from various economic backgrounds. With a strong commitment to affordability, the university provides its students with the freedom to learn without having to bear the burden of debt. WashU also offers grants, scholarships, and work-study opportunities, without the inclusion of loans.

The dormitories at WashU offer comfortable and convenient living spaces, with various housing options to accommodate different preferences. The residential communities are designed to foster a sense of belonging, providing students with a supportive environment where friendships flourish. Living on campus at WashU also means easy access to a wealth of amenities, including recreational facilities, study spaces, and campus events. The university prioritizes creating a vibrant and inclusive campus community, ensuring that students have opportunities to engage in extracurricular activities and social events. The famed WashU dining halls are also known to cater to food preferences and offer halal food.

The annual visit to Pleasant View School from WashU was one of the most popular visits throughout the year and commonly convinces students to apply to WashU. To learn more about the school or to contact an admissions officer, visit  for more information.

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