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Anchored by the Quran: A Transformative Event Held at the Memphis Islamic Center

Dana Shala

On January 21, 2024, the Miftaah Institute hosted an event titled, “Anchored by the Quran,” at the Memphis Islamic Center. The Miftaah Institute endeavors to establish a sanctified environment where Muslims can both share and acquire knowledge, with a commitment to preserving the traditions of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ and His revered companions. The Institute's overarching goal is to cultivate future leaders, equipping them to contribute to the sacred essence of Islam within their communities.

 Graduates of Miftaah Institute are envisioned as not only distinguished leaders well-versed in sacred texts such as the Holy Qur'an and Hadith but also as living embodiments of Islamic virtues and etiquette, actively expressing these principles in their interactions within their respective communities. 

This event was very enlightening and hosted a variety of speakers, including esteemed scholars such as Imam Khalid Latif, Mufti, Shaykh Mohamed Almasmari, Mufti Abdul Wahab Waheed, and Ustadh Ubaydullah Evans, who spoke on various topics regarding the Quran. 

The purpose of this event was to show the audience that in the face of diverse challenges and distractions, it becomes crucial for Muslims to maintain a steadfast foundation through a proven system—the guidance found in the Qur'an. The Qur'an's teachings extend beyond the initial generations; they are intended for all of humanity throughout time, serving as a steadfast anchor in every conceivable circumstance. 

The event focused on exploring various stories and concepts from the Qur'an, such as forgiveness and patience drawing relevance to our contemporary lives. Many PVS students volunteered and aided before and during the event. According to  PVS senior Aisha Duldul ‘24 who volunteered at the event, “It was actually super fun and informative. I was able to not only help with the back end of setting up an event and the work it takes, but also was able to enjoy the event because of the surplus of volunteers.” 

The volunteers were also awarded privileges for their hard work. “We were also able to have a private lecture with the speakers as volunteers,” Duldul said. “The event went smoothly [as any event could with hundreds of people] and truly benefited all of us, those who came to attend and those who came to volunteer.” 

Overall, this event was a huge success, engaging many members of the Memphis Muslim community. 

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