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Pleasant View School Promotes Creativity Through Art Projects

Pleasant View School art teacher, Nida Mujahid, displays her student’s art projects outside of her classrooms. Rather than presenting things the way they are perceived, she wants students to present them the way they see them. Students learned how to scale artwork by utilizing a grid, drawing freehand and developing hand-eye coordination.


Students learned how to look at things how they see them versus how they perceive them. In addition to learning how to draw, students also learned how to eco draw, where they follow examples. To finish the pieces, students experimented with blending oil pastels to fill in their projects.


The significance of the student's artwork lies in how it helps strengthen their observation abilities. Mujahid’s main objective is for her students to discover things that they had no idea they were capable of by themselves. At first, students did not understand what they were doing. By the end, they wanted more time to complete their individual pieces. This project was successful in the eyes of the students. It helped them attain the feeling of achievement. 


As part of Mujahid's next project, she plans to emphasize observational drawing with her students first by teaching them how to re-hold a pencil in art. As part of the program, she plans to incorporate digital art in the future.


Students should be on the lookout for upcoming art competitions in the near future.

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